Levomepromazin 25 mg - Levomepromazine

Levomepromazin 25 mg - Levomepromazine
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Levomepromazin 25 mg - 20 Tabs
Levomepromazin 25 mg - 20 Tabs
Model: Levomepromazin 25 mg
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Levomepromazin 25 mg - 40 Tabs
Levomepromazin 25 mg - 40 Tabs
Model: Levomepromazin 25 mg
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What is Levomepromazine used for?
Levomepromazine is commonly used to treat psychosis. It is also used in people having behavioural problems.

What will Levomepromazine do?
Levomepromazine should help you feel calm and relaxed. It could take some time for Levomepromazine to have its full effect.

What are the side effects of Levomepromazine?
Side effects are the unwanted effects of any medicine on the body. Not everyone taking a medicine will get side effects. Many side effects will go away with time. But some side effects may last for longer. Some side effects can be serious. You should tell your doctor if you have any side effect. •feeling dizzy •feeling restless or cannot sit still •stiffness in arms or legs •feeling sleepy or sluggish • increase in weight •changes in blood sugar level •changes in cholesterol levels •changes in heart function • rash or feeling itchy •in women, it can effect periods. You will need to have the following tests done as part of the monitoring for side effects: Tracing of your heart –ECG Blood pressure Weight Waist circumference Blood tests

How and when to take Levomepromazine?
The label on your Levomepromazine packet should tell you when and how much you should take. What else can help? Eating healthy Doing some exercises. Participating in activities that you like.

If you forget to take the tablet
Tell your doctor straight away.

When to stop taking Levomepromazine?
You should carry on taking your medicine unless your doctor asks you to stop.

Levomepromazine and other medication
Some medicines do not work well together. You should tell your doctor about any other medicines you are taking.  

What should not be done while taking Levomepromazine?
Drinking alcohol when on Levomepromazine could make you feel drowsy.  

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